“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.” – Nietzsche

So true! Staying fit is hard. FIGHTING for your fitness is hard. So how do you tolerate the HOW of it? The answer is individual WHY staying fit is worth it. Example: Is avoiding heart disease worth 30 minutes of running? Is a longer, healthier life worth the sweat? Is having a six-pack abs worth passing on all that beer and pizza? Is looking good in skinny jeans worth passing on the donuts? It’s all about choices in life. You mold your own life with the choices you make. After all, it’s YOUR life!

With the New Year upon us, mediate on your own WHY‘s. Why do you want to be healthy, fit, toned, or muscular… Then begin educating yourself and acting on the HOW‘s. Let the new year begin!



Amazing day! Woke up still sick this morning, which obviously wasn’t the best part. But looking outside the window, I could see sun rays. Halleluja! Freezing cold, but still, when the sun is out and the wind is still, it’s so beautiful together with the snow. Once again, amazing day!


My whole body is itching. My legs are nervously bouncing up and down. Having hard time breathing. At the same time my belly is throbbing painfully. My skin is aching. My head is about to explode. How is this possible? Having a body wanting so desperately to get rid of all this pent up energy, while the same body is on strike, feeling over 100-years old and with a stomach bug that ruined it all. I’m screaming inside!

Just took another walk in the cold night to calm myself down, to get some air, feel like I’m alive. All I want to do is put my running shoes on, get on that treadmill and pound the belt for miles and miles, running faster and faster until my lungs feel like they’re going to explode and the lactic acid is flushing through my thighs. Oh what a wonderful feeling! But I know deep inside, that it’s better for me to take it easy and rest, get better for real so that once I’m back, I’m back for real. Can’t wait! This weakness is killing me…


All my smug comments about feeling GREAT and awesome and healthy, is now coming back to haunt me. Had my first proper meal last night and today my belly is AaaNGRrrY, not great or awesome or healthy. Instead it’s aching with pain and swollen and throbbing. Aouch! Have avoided to eat until an hour ago when I finally had some toast with butter and a bowl of soured milk. I also went out and invested in some Probiotic pills. A proper load of bacteria! Haha, sounds so appetising. Hope they can help to heal my fragile tummy! No fun feeling this weak… 😦


Have just sent my application to one of the few Architect Firms I have on my list to apply for internship. But this one, which is why I have been writing my application for HOURS, means so much to me. When the last one fell through, one of my friends reminded me that I have been talking about this other company for ages, admiring them… maybe I’m meant to end up there instead. And maybe I am… I feel so strongly about their company and their vision. And they do have projects in England… 😉
It was a long time ago since I applied for an internships. It was my last semester of my Science Degree and I was recommended to apply to CNN… and I got it! I learnt so much from that place. They let me do everything! And I mean everything!!! From preparing coffee and typing scripts to linking satellites and interviewing senators… to finally offer me a job! It was one of the best experiences in my life. I will never forget you guys! Or be grateful enough! And I guess, I want this internship to be as good and as educative as my time at CNN. I deserve it! :))


Feels great to be back in action again. Had my first proper morning cardio session in the most basic and primal way with my pack… Murphy and I, that is. Haha! Cesar Millan would be proud of us! It was dead-slippery out on the roads and I am glad I didn’t fall on my butt. My planned BRISK walk ended up being a moderate to slow pace, which is fine for being the first day back from sickness. Back at home after 60 minutes and I felt rejuvenated! It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air and gloomy daylight does for ones well-being, all supplements put aside.

And yaaaay! Finally had a proper brekkie, big bowl of porridge with my own, home-made raspberry jam I made last week. I will post the recipe later coz it’s a pure stroke of genius-ness I came up with… modest and all… hihi! :))

Now, gotta send out my CV to a few selected architect firms so that I can land myself an internship spot. My perfect job internship is out there for me and we’re being aligned as we speak… yes, yes, YES!! Gotta believe it! Later, some more choreography repetitions… Hmm, what will it be today? Body Pump, Body Combat or Zumba…


Beautiful recovery flowers… from a beautiful friend!
I’ve been sick for a few days now. Yep, the wonderful winter sickness hit us all in the family. It just floors you for about 48 hours. It’s a perfect quick diet cure, as nothing is left in the body. Whether you want to or not, all of it WILL eventually come out! Sooner, rather than later… Haha, too much information, huh?!
Well, today I am feeling so much better and it’s awesome to have energy again. I am looking forward until I can start training at the gym again. Haven’t been able to do anything highly active since Tuesday, which is a looong time for me. But I will be instructing a Body Pump class together with E. this Tuesday, which will be great fun! We have also pitched the idea to do something fun for New Year’s Eve lunch Body Pump class. Instructing in a dress and high heels maybe?? That would be a sight and a half…


“Repeat a mantra and you become it. That is why I practice not feeling exhaustion. In the morning I initiate my self propaganda and brain wash by saying “I am energized, I feel energized” time after time after time. I keep on as I get dressed. I cannot afford to focus on tuning in to the drained sensation, the “I’m so tired” comment I try to ban, making it a NONpart of my vocabulary.
You are what you think. You become what you think. I know this. My body does what my mind says, so the solution is to make that mind so powerful, so strong, so independent from the body you can do nothing but win every battle.

My strongest asset is not my body, my mind is. I’ve worked years to be tough, to be disciplined. When my muscles say “slow down” I dig deeper, ask myself “so how much do you want this, keep the eye on the reward”.

During cardio, some sessions, I climb the machine and the lactic acid kicks in right away because it takes a few minutes for the aerobic system to work, but the muscles are so depleted they get acidic from nothing…. Oh, those minutes I wonder how on earth will I make it to push hard, to get to my high heart rate, the right zone to improve body composition. And then I know, I am just pacing myself, I KNOW I can do it, I just need to push ONCE. So I do… I get my most motivating beat on, I increase the speed, the effort, the power and see my heart rate slowly slowly raise. I am just a few beats from my PEAK I want to reach to feel like I did my best and there I get stuck. That damn heart is so strong, the muscles so tired but I DO I DO I DO not QUIT until I GET THERE!!!!!!!! I keep on pushing, eyes not leaving the display, raise damn it, raise up to the max, come on just give it to me!!!!!! No way do I want to slow down because I am scared I won’t be able to get that close again and I don’t want to go for another try. I give it my ALL.

And I reach it. I can slow down. Once again I know I am in charge. If I just set my mind to it I can push harder than anybody else. It does not matter I don’t give the fuel for the activity, my body should do what I tell it to do.

For me cardio was never a “walk in the time”. Every session has a purpose, every session has a reason, a target, a goal. I am just as anxious about those as I were at repping my deadlifts better than ever or increase the weight in the squats. But this is another game…. I see stars, yeah, I need to hold on to the machine because honestly I’m embarassed I’d fall some time….. I’ve never passed out in my whole life and I won’t now either but the thought has crossed my mind.

I FEEL ENERGIZED, I AM FULL OF ENERGY. You become what you think. So I choose to think I am invincible.”

Pauline Nordin – Pauline’s Ramble, 27 December 2009


Christmas is here and together with it ALL the food! But also the sharing of good company together with the people you love, can’t stand or like just a little bit… haha! Have had a really nice holiday season so far. It’s so easy to become lazy though. All the munching, sitting around and preparation for next meal is just not the most ideal for your body. However, X-mas only happens once a year. Let’s enjoy it!
Getting ready to eat the morning porridge.
Christmas stockings are to be opened as well…
The youngest of us all… the one on the right, that is! ;))
Mrs. Santa??
Sick or not, X-mas celebration needs to be done! Haha!
Afraid of Santa? Naaah, he’s just as nice as grandpa… *wink*
My little god-daughter… No name girl!
Two happy girls enjoying the holidays!