Beautiful recovery flowers… from a beautiful friend!
I’ve been sick for a few days now. Yep, the wonderful winter sickness hit us all in the family. It just floors you for about 48 hours. It’s a perfect quick diet cure, as nothing is left in the body. Whether you want to or not, all of it WILL eventually come out! Sooner, rather than later… Haha, too much information, huh?!
Well, today I am feeling so much better and it’s awesome to have energy again. I am looking forward until I can start training at the gym again. Haven’t been able to do anything highly active since Tuesday, which is a looong time for me. But I will be instructing a Body Pump class together with E. this Tuesday, which will be great fun! We have also pitched the idea to do something fun for New Year’s Eve lunch Body Pump class. Instructing in a dress and high heels maybe?? That would be a sight and a half…

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