Have just sent my application to one of the few Architect Firms I have on my list to apply for internship. But this one, which is why I have been writing my application for HOURS, means so much to me. When the last one fell through, one of my friends reminded me that I have been talking about this other company for ages, admiring them… maybe I’m meant to end up there instead. And maybe I am… I feel so strongly about their company and their vision. And they do have projects in England… 😉
It was a long time ago since I applied for an internships. It was my last semester of my Science Degree and I was recommended to apply to CNN… and I got it! I learnt so much from that place. They let me do everything! And I mean everything!!! From preparing coffee and typing scripts to linking satellites and interviewing senators… to finally offer me a job! It was one of the best experiences in my life. I will never forget you guys! Or be grateful enough! And I guess, I want this internship to be as good and as educative as my time at CNN. I deserve it! :))

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