My whole body is itching. My legs are nervously bouncing up and down. Having hard time breathing. At the same time my belly is throbbing painfully. My skin is aching. My head is about to explode. How is this possible? Having a body wanting so desperately to get rid of all this pent up energy, while the same body is on strike, feeling over 100-years old and with a stomach bug that ruined it all. I’m screaming inside!

Just took another walk in the cold night to calm myself down, to get some air, feel like I’m alive. All I want to do is put my running shoes on, get on that treadmill and pound the belt for miles and miles, running faster and faster until my lungs feel like they’re going to explode and the lactic acid is flushing through my thighs. Oh what a wonderful feeling! But I know deep inside, that it’s better for me to take it easy and rest, get better for real so that once I’m back, I’m back for real. Can’t wait! This weakness is killing me…


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