Did I mention I love vegetables? Tonight’s dinner. Yum!
As I haven’t been able to do much exercise lately because of injury and sickness, I have had to refocus my game completely toward my diet. Calories in, calories out. But also, making sure the quality of my food is really good. I am still keeping strong with eating lots of organic foods which are naturally affected by hormones, such as eggs, milk, yoghurt, etc. It’s crucial to eat those products organic. Was extatic when I found organic eggs from outside hens. Yay! Finally. No more inside hens. And remember, raspberries are vital to eat organic, as is coffee and cacao as they spray these produce to death!
Tried making those oatmeal chocolate pancakes I wrote about yesterday. But of course, I made it into my own recipe, as always. They were delish. Had a big pancake for breakfast together with a tablespoon of my own homemade raspberry jam. Yum!


I finally got the Glucosamine supplement I ordered online for Murphy… and for me. It’s a liquid supplement to help stiff joints, which is something that affects bigger dogs with hip problems as well as humans who are very active or have reumatism. This is what it says on Equimins website, where I got it from:

Flexijoint, the proven joint supplement for horses, dogs and humans. Flexijoint contains a superb combination of ingredients which include: Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid, MSM and Ascorbic acid. These high specification products promote healthy cartilage, strong joint structure and they also improve the quality of synovial fluid. Flexijoint Liquid contains all the benefits of Flexijoint, the proven joint supplement with the added bonus of Devils Claw to provide further help for stiff joints.

Both Murphy and I have been taking it for a couple of days now and it doesn’t seem like Murphy has any problems with the taste or the smell. Me, on the other hand…. Just thinking about taking my morning shot, makes my stomach churn and my gag reflex worried. Let me put the taste and smell in one word:


It is absolutely disgusting! But I’m figuring out ways of masking the taste, which is impossible. The lingering taste afterward is soap. Very potent chemical soap. I have been able to mask it a little by mixing lemon juice with it, but it’s hopeless. Oh well… we should both notice a change in our joints becoming less stiff in about 6 weeks, so I’ll hold out until then.


These are some of the best motivational words you’ll ever read…

“If you dream about having a perfect body it’s time to stop dreaming and act on making the dream come true. Every day. It means you will not be a member of the “I occasionally visit the gym” crowd anymore, you will team up with the loyal league of gym rats who are the gym franchises worst customers because we USE their equipment HARD. When you want to get lean so you can feel your abs under your shirt you will need to treat the cardio machine like your car: it will TAKE you places.

Getting a perfect body means you will go to the gym and workout because you planned it. If you don’t feel like it, it does not matter. You know you cannot love every workout and it’s ok. It’s ok and mandatory to be a bit worn out from time to time, it’s just a sign you are working hard.

Getting lean means stepping out of the comfort zone where it’s ok to cheat during weekends and work your way up again during the following week.

Getting lean means you KNOW there won’t be any treats on a daily basis and be ok with it.

To reach your goals you must accept you will need patience. You will need dedication. You will need discipline. None of them you can find anywhere to buy. Can you imagine, the only things really stopping you from achieving all those goals with your physique are inside your mind?

Accept and acknowledge that YOU are the only one who can whip your butt in shape. No trainer can push you through workout after workout, you must be the driving force, the trainer your helper. Not the other way around.

You must scrutinize every little diet add-on on your daily plan. You must check yourself for sneaking in bad choices. No more can you say “oh I had NO idea this was not nutritious” because THERE IS GOOGLE people. You must research before buying and even more before EATING.

You will need to create your own super human. Your super human YOU. There are no excuses, nothing is too hard, it’s only a matter of how much you want it. Do you want it enough? Ask yourself daily. When you see that donut or cookie on the shelf, before you just drool away, ask yourself if that taste of it for a minute is worth 3 more cardio sessions on top of your daily routine of double sessions 5 to 6 days a week?”

Text from Fighter Diet blog.


Number tag for the 5K race.

Guess what landed on my floor through the mail slot today? Specially delivered by the ever so kind postal service… Was it the best piece of paper and envelope I could have gotten right now, at this moment in time? Maybe not, but I was happy anyway. It sparked me up a little bit and then when pain shot down my back I got jerked back to reality. The reality that it’s only 10 days left before my race. But hey, nothing is impossible. Let me rephrase that… EVERYTHING is possible, if you put your mind to it. And if I so have to shuffle, crawl, or be carried, I’m getting around that track as a proud woman!

So what did I get?
My number tag for the upcoming 5K race. Yay!


Oatmeal chocolate protein pancakes maybe?

Nothing better to do when you’re sick and couch ridden than to watch crappy daytime telly, old shows of Biggest Loser and surf the net. Something that has been coming at me throughout the day has been the message: If you want something, go get it. Or… Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. Don’t wait for success to find you, go find your own success. Stuff like that. Is the Nature trying to tell me something?

Anyhow… stumbled across this lovely recipe of oatmeal and chocolate protein pancakes. Sounds yummy! So I had to share them with you. After all, you might like them too, right?!

Check out the recipe on Leigh Lingham’s blog.


Ice-cream as my dessert tonight? Think again…

Just because you like dessert and are trying to eat and live a healthy life, doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of stuff you love. Simply find other foods that satisfies the same taste buds for your cravings of sweet, sour, salty, etc. For instance, if you love ice-cream, try finding something that can substitute the taste and texture of it.

Here’s a great example for something similar to ice-cream:
Organice Natural Greek Yoghurt with almonds, organic berries and a bit of honey. Tastes delish! And for one big serving of it, it only packs on 180 calories plus you get all the benefits of healthy fats, protein and antioxidants. If you love chocolate too, then sprinkle some organic cocoa powder on top. There you have it! An amazing dessert that will beat any dodgy factory ice-cream production.

Did you know honey is an antibacterial agent? The beautiful world of natural foods.


To discipline is not to punish. To discipline is to analyze what caused you to derail from your plan and then take proper actions in order to prevent it from reoccurring. If you go off your diet plan it’s not because you have no willpower, but willpower is not reliable. You can have a lot of willpower, but what happens those moments you simply don’t really want to win the urge to cheat?

You let yourself cheat or go off your diet because you condition yourself into believing this will be the last time ever. It never is though, is it. You are always very strong and have high motivation right after a slip, it’s because you feel bad OR you are on a sugar high and think you actually gonna make it this time. All is great til you binge again.

Successful dieting and fat loss come from conscious thinking and reasoning. When the urge to eat appears in your mind ask yourself why. What will eating do for you? What will that chocolate candy bar do for you beyond the pleasure of eating it that lasts for a minute or so? If you choose not to follow the mind’s wish to eat it, what do you gain? You gain the first victory. You must gain many consecutive victories before your brain realizes it’s how it works.

When you cheat you condition your brain into knowing you will give in. If the urge is just strong enough you will give in. Every time you cheat you give the brain history information about how you tackle triggers…

Just like alcoholics are pretty much doomed to hang around other alcoholics if they want to quit drinking, you will have a tough time managing cravings if you some times give in, some times not. You must be consistent. When you are consistent you know that there is no damn way in the whole world you will derail from your plan of action and in knowing that you find strength. When you are not your own worst enemy you find strength. You must build trust in yourself. You should not be scared of being left alone with the cookie box!

Throughout my years being into fitness I’ve disciplined myself daily. I used to have chocolate bars, cookies, ice cream, yes all my triggers around me just to prove to myself they would not affect me. I was close sometimes to give in of course. But it was practice, like being in school. I had all this junk food lying around until they became “normal things” in my house. When I was not “scared” of them they lost their magic. Every day I told myself “Pauline, you go ahead, you can have it all, but remember there is a consequence and don’t tell yourself you have no idea why you are not as lean as you want”.

Since I could not justify to myself to eat and blame “bad genetics” or “don’t know why I don’t get leaner, I do everything right, EVERYTHING” I just did not eat. I even tried to find reasons for giving in and enjoying some candy, I put up 10 arguments about it to see if I wanted it:

1. It tastes sooo good. 2. It’s perfect time now when it’s friday and all. 3. It’s comfy. 4. I love chocolate melting in my mouth. 5. So good when you watch tv. 6. now is the perfect time, I have shoot in a few weeks so if I want to have it I must act NOW. 7. Tastes wonderfully.

Then I ran out of arguments…. Why should I eat that bar? It’s only good for a little while, then what? I had trained myself off enjoying things that are momentarily. I was interested in long term beneficial enjoyments. The bar did not benefit me. And I realized that no food can help me if I use it for pleasure or to make me feel better.

It sickened me to know that giving into cravings was self-medicating. what was I medicating myself from: boredom? Hunger? If it was hunger, I knew what to eat and that would not be sweets. Boredom: well get a life, eating for the fun factor? well that does not go well with my body ideals!

I still practice discipline. Every day. But now I don’t need to work at it hard, it’s second nature to me. When someone asks me “but why not just have a bite of this tasty treat, it won’t really affect you”. No, they are right, it won’t damage my body at all, but what’s in it for me? What do I gain? Why should I? And when the person’s answer is “well, because it tastes good!” I just cannot accept lol… I mean, I am not an animal that just gives in to whatever urge or desire I feel right now, here and now… I am a thinking human being. I make decisions and commitments. And I am committed to myself and that I reassure every day by discipline my dedication 100%.

From Pauline Nordin’s blog.


I’m slowly making my way back. It’s been hard to take it easy, but I’ve been doing my best. I’m still taking my walks every day. Only had one BodyPump, Zumba and BodyCombat class this week. Then got an amazing long massage on Thursday night that released all my knots in my back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and hamstring region. Why I don’t treat myself to this kind of treatment more often is beyond my understanding.

Then I got to dance the night away on Friday. LOVED IT! Too bad guys don’t know how to dance anymore, and I mean the old fashion pair dancing way. Pity! A girl loves to be swept away on the dance floor. Saturday, a proper feeding frenzy day with birthday cake and relaxing early night in.

Today, gorgeous day and an easy run to match it with. One knee is being a bit grumpy, but overall, I’m feeling so much better. Back is still a whiny old grinch, but I’m hopeful. Very hopeful that everything will be alright… Soon.


It’s not going too well for me. As soon as I signed up for the 5K race, my body packed in on me. Now my back is sore and tight, and my knees hurt as well as creek. What happened? Something I wasn’t aware of? So I tried the best recipe of them all… Rest. Well, the way I know rest. No gym. No running. No Zumba, BodyPump or BodyCombat. But instead plenty of hoovering, laundry, cooking, doing dishes and walks in the sunshine. Oddly enough, I’m not miraculously cured like I thought I would be after 2.5 days of “rest”.

It’s amazing we always give the best advice to others and expect them to listen, while we, ourselves, end up not following our own advice and still expect the same result anyway… Hmm, I might have to think this one over.

Releeeeeeease meeeeee!