Ever notice the colour-coded exercise “zones” listed on cardio machines? There’s a “fat burning” zone, an “endurance training” zone, and so forth. The colors look nice, but how many times have you chosen the “fat burning” zone and watched as your fat stayed put? That’s because fat-burning programs keep you at a lower intensity level, when to lose weight you really need to burn big calories. That only happens when you exercise at a higher-intensity level.

Let’s look at the math. In a half hour of low-intensity exercise, you might burn 100 calories. Of those 100 calories, roughly 80 percent will be fat calories, meaning that you’ve burned 80 fat calories. In a half hour of high-intensity exercise, you might burn 300 calories. Of those 300 calories, roughly 33 percent will be fat calories, meaning that you’ve burned around 100 fat calories.

Get it? Even though the percentage of fat calories burned is higher during a low-intensity workout, you’re burning so many more total calories during a high-intensity workout that, percentages aside, you are still burning more fat calories — not to mention the 200 additional carb calories.

So if you only have 20 minutes to work out per day, would you rather burn a minimum of calories altogether strolling on the treadmill? Or would you rather burn a whole bunch of calories RUNNING?! …and keep the fat furnace burning several hours afterward as well…? Your choice. I know I would sprint it out! :))




Feeling a bit overwhelmed having a day off. Restlessness is creeping in my soul and I’m trying to restrain myself. What can I do to be resting optimally? But that’s what rest is, doing nothing… or is it? There’s so much I could be doing, being productive with my day and then I realise I never get any rest, when I need it. Everyone needs to chill now and again. It’s my own fault and maybe it would be easier if I didn’t get a huge guilt trip over the fact that I’m not doing anything… Something! That could probably be a start… not to feel guilty when trying to relax. The art of serenity.

I suppose it’s a work in progress. A progress I have to figure out. We all have our stuff to deal with and today I’m gonna try to conquer this one of mine.

Have an amazing day all of you!


Many things can go wrong when you under estimate the importance of being meticulous. Before I start mentioning some common mishaps, I want to remind everyone who is JUST starting changing their lifestyle that if you right now have a lot of bad habits, been eating too much for too long time and have many many pounds to lose, you are up for a treat: in the beginning whatever good change you make will show on the scale and in the mirror. Just changing some meals from bad to better, maybe add some walking to the daily regimen you will see changes. However, as the weight drops, so do the results from doing those SMALL adjustments. The less you have to lose the more meticulous you need to be. It always gets harder and harder the better conditioned you are.

Common mistakes:

1. Reading labels on condiments, sauces etc about the calorie content but not the ingredients. In America a serving which has 5 calories or less can be called calorie free. So let us say a little tablespoon of some delicious sauce has 1 gram of SUGAR, it counts as 4 calories and thus voila calorie free. Since you forget that you think it is a free food. You heap up maybe 5 tbsp and suddenly it is 5 grams of sugar. That is 20 calories. If you do that every day for 30 days it comes up to 600 calories. That is a pound of fat in a year you might hold on to due to the little spicy sauce.

2. Forgetting that the fat burning zone doing cardio is not challenging for your body. You are just doing your time. You need to kick it up regularly or your body will get used to the routine. If it gets used to it you will see no further progress.

3. Not counting vegetables. Well, this I understand if you are following any regular diet plans where a cup of broccoli with your dry rice and chicken breast is considered calorie free due to the tiny serving of it, but when you are on the Fighter Diet you better count; 1 pound has about 100 to 150 calories. So if you eat five pounds a day it is a lot. How could you not count that?

4. Thinking you are not having carbs because you are not eating grains at lunch and dinner or after workout. Veggies have carbs. Yoghurt has carbs. There is some carbs in most protein powders. You won’t die ok?

5. Falling into the belief refeeds is a cheat day. it is not. Refeed is carb loading, not junk loading. If you spike your insulin levels with lots of carbs, then add fats, you are getting yourself in trouble since that opens up the fat cells pretty well and you can just scoop in the fats there quickly.

6. Not eating enough vegetables and then get hungry and cheat. Fighter Diet is all about preventive eating. You eat yourself FULL so you won’t SNACK later. If you just cannot stomach a lot of volume, well, then just divide it into smaller meals or snack all day on the veggie amount. However if you just don’t eat you will get too few calories and then comes the craving attack.

7. you change your weight training regimen that built your body because you believe you should do so to get leaner. No, most likely not. You need to diet and do lots of cardio. Don’t change the weight training so drastically because if you change that stimulus you will change your body’s muscle development. you want to keep it but just tighten up? CARDIO and DIET.

8. If you are well trained at a high level, you must keep on pushing the limit in the gym. In cardio too. It is not “dangerous” to get out of breathe, you are supposed to if you train intervals etc. If you can keep a poker face you are not training hard really…

9. Forgetting that in order to train hard you need to take care of your body. massage, stretching, foam rolling. Your body does not “owe” you to keep up with your demands. You have the obligation to take care of it. you do have one body only, treat it with respect.

10. relying to much on your emotional ups and downs. You should not let your emotions run your fitness life. If you don’t want to go train, ask yourself why. because you had a bad day? what are you going to do instead: watch tv?….. Stay committed. Don’t just do what you want but what you should to get to where you want.

11. Not measuring your protein sources. A lot of people read “oh a heaping scoop” and make it one an a quarter scoop just because it must be ok amount. It’s “just protein”. Well that is more calories than the scoop said on the label. Same thing with chicken, meat etc. you don’t KNOW how little 3 oz cooked is until you actually weigh it. it is ridiculously little. Protein is not calorie free.

12. Believing that protein snacks are ok to add to a restricted diet. well, no, not if you are right on spot with how many calories you are supposed to take in. protein is not less calorie rich than carbs. And if you overdo the protein, well, how good is that for your health or the environment for that matter?

13. believing that protein bars are healthy. No they are not. Seriously, check the ingredients. Does it look like health foods? Unless you use the bar for energy needs (which means you are not a dieter, you are into performance or NEED extra calories, for instance you are a distance runner going into hard workout) or it is some kind of fiber supplement bar (I am creating one without crap!), then there is no reason to eat bars. Tastes good? well, hell yeah, check the crap in those bars and you see why!

14. Being afraid of being full. Hey, those fibers and veggies add bulk in your stomach and intestines momentarily. it does not mean you are getting fat. And don’t you dare weigh yourself throughout the day with all that. Seriously. If I did I would be around 130 lbs and I weigh in at 115 on a good day….

From Fighter Diet Blog.


What is the difference between glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL)?

Your blood glucose rises and falls when you eat a meal containing carbs. How high it rises and how long it remains high depends on the quality of the carbs (the GI) and the quantity. Glycemic load, or GL, combines both the quality and quantity of carbohydrate in one ‘number’. It’s the best way to predict blood glucose values of different types and amounts of food. The formula is:

GL = (GI x the amount of carbohydrate) divided by 100.

Let’s take a single apple as an example. It has a GI of 40 and it contains 15 grams of carbohydrate.
GL = 40 x 15/100 = 6 g

What about a small baked potato? Its GI is 80 and it contains 15 g of carbohydrate.
GL = 80 x 15/100 = 12 g
So we can predict that our potato will have twice the metabolic effect of an apple. You can think of GL as the amount of carbohydrate in a food ‘adjusted’ for its glycemic potency.

Want to know more about this subject, go to:
FAQs Common GI Questions


For all of you cat and dog owners, who are having problem with the shedding seasons… When you can’t believe your eyes how much hair is being rejected from your beloved animals body and stuck to your clothes, furniture, bedding, and winds down on the floors and rugs like a lovely carpet of fur. Well, I have a tip to share with you in order remove some of those stubborn hairs off of your animal’s body that sometime don’t get stuck in the brushes, and it’s a bit more pleasant to the animal than brushing.

Arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner standing by to hoover it all up and get out your gorgeous dishwashing gloves. Slip the gloves on and “brush” away. The rubber material will extract the hair off your pet’s body and either stick to the gloves or gather up somewhere where you can hoover it up. Excellent! I tried it today and it worked like a charm. Plus they both enjoyed the attention. 🙂 Good Luck!


Cousin M. was nice enough to take me to the concert. Thanks Cuz!

Went to Samuel Ljungblahd’s concert last night and it certainly was an experience. Maybe it’s not the kind of music I listen to everyday, but it sure lifts your heart, spirit and soul. I loved it! The reason why is simple to explain. Here’s an artist that gives, gives and gives. He’s generous with his feelings and passion to music and performing, and it rubs off immediately. Not to talk about the amazing voice he’s got and good songs to match the persona. I recommend checking him out! Here’s some clips from last night:


The day I have been longing for, the goal I had set up, the atmosphere I was craving to feel… all gone! Sometime you have no power in the outcome. I will simply bury my head in the Nutella jar (only sniffing of course…!), have a bit of a moan, wipe my tears with my startnumber tag and then bounce back. Next time. Next race. I’ll be there. But for now, I have to cure myself and make sure I regain my health for real. No pneumonia for me!


Last night, I just had enough. I felt so much energy and motivation for my fitness and health that I would take no “NO” for an answer from my body. I know that a thought can conquer everything if you put you mind to it. As the saying goes: Mind over matter! It’s true, and I know it. But after being sick for a week and realising the only thing I want is health, it just drove me to push myself that extra inch and something just switched in me. My mind had taken over.

Although I hardly got any sleep last night, because of horrible fits of coughing, I sprung out of be at 5:45am when the alarm rang with Cassie Davies singing Do It Again, threw my running clothes on, downed a protein shake with some caffeine and off I went with Murphy trotting along beside me. No music, no sounds to distract me. And yes, it was hard, but I didn’t give up. The feeling afterward was priceless. My face was beaming all day long! I had conquered my body. And I conquered it again instructing my Zumba class tonight. Spiritual energy with a strong mind and some god-damn-it! Awesome recipe for today.