I got robbed today! Yes, proper, for real robbed. You know, thief sneaking his hand into my bag taking my wallet scenario, but that’s not the end of the story…

I’m still a bit shaken by the incidence that occurred today. I was browsing some socks in a store, engrossed in my own world of stripes, colours or dots. All of a sudden I felt a tug on my handbag, like someone had walked into me from the side and accidentally gotten something caught in my bag. I turned around and saw a small man in his mid 30’s standing behind me, looking dumbstruck at me. Actually, he looked very surprised. So I looked down at my bag as a precaution and saw it had been opened. Me being absolutely meticulous with checking my handbag is safe and seeing this suspicious man behind me, standing awfully near to me, I connected the dots and realised what had happened. And I couldn’t believe it. So I said in a very as-a-matter-of-a-fact voice:
“You just took my wallet!”
He looked so shocked and perplexed at me, like I had just caught him doing something red-handed, which I had. I quickly looked down at his hand furthest away from me and there it was, my beautiful, faux-crocodile, deep vine coloured wallet… clenched in his hand. I reached down and snatched it back from him, now clutching it hard in my own hand. I stared at him angrily and then said boomingly so everyone in the store could hear:
“He just took my wallet!”
The thief’s eyes widened as I raised my voice again:
“I can’t believe it. He just took my wallet!”
Obviously I must’ve been in shock, otherwise I wouldn’t be stating the fact over and over, but it was true. I couldn’t believe it. I had been roobed. The cheek of him to rob me. ME!
He started backing away as I attacked him loudly with my words once again while walking towards him:
“You just took my wallet!”
At this point he panicked, threw the clothes he held in his arms and legged it out the door, with me, the angry customer behind him shouting:
“Stop him. Stop him!”

And so it goes… he vanished onto the busy street. I turned around, walked back into the store and started shaking. Adrenalin hit me full force! I was shocked. And in disbelief. And then angry. I wanted to strangle the thief. And had he given me resistance to give my wallet back, I think I would’ve kickboxed the pulp out of him. But I’m fine. I have my wallet back and I have a story to tell as well as be extra thankful for life today.

Could be interesting if I see him again though… I’ll keep you posted.
But for now, TOODLES!



Before Embarking On a Fat Loss Programme You Should Read This:

Daily energy expenditure consists of 3 components:

1. Resting metabolic rate (energy required for basic living) total of 60-70%

2. Diet induced Thermogenesis (energy required to breakdown food) 10% of total

3. Energy cost of physical activity 20-30% of the total.

If we create a caloric deficit of “X” amount – we will lose “Y” amount of fat? (i.e. the calorie deficit = fat loss, a 3500 calorie deficit = 1 pound)
True or False?


In a study of meal frequency, it has been show that a group eating 6 meals per day lost more fat than a group eating 2 meals a day, despite the calories being equal. The study showed that adults who were accustomed to eating 4 meals per day switched to 3 meals a day actually gained body fat and weight despite the calories remaining the same.

A calorie is a calorie. With the same meal frequency, as long as we adjust the “calories in v. the calories out” we will see the same fat loss; that is proteins, carbohydrates and fat (macronutrients) do not really matter.
True or False?


At the same calorie intake a low carbohydrate diet resulted in significantly greater fat loss than a low fat diet.

Low carbohydrate, high protein diets favourably affect mass and composition independent of energy intake

So what Should We Be Doing?

• Increase meal frequency

• Eat meals at regular times

• Lower carbohydrate intake/increase protein

• Moderately reduce calories.

The addition of aerobic (jogging/gentle running) exercise to a caloric deficit (through diet) will increase calories burned and therefore increase fat lost.
True or False?


In a 6 month study of 2 groups: 1 on diet only and 1 on diet plus aerobic exercise (50 minutes 5 days per week) There was No additional effect of aerobic exercise on body composition that is to say, adding aerobic exercise had no effect over dieting alone.

If diet (total caloric and macronutrient intake) is a constant, then the more calories you burn during training, the more fat you will lose.
True or False?


A group was divided into 2 smaller groups:

• Group 1 exercised for 15 weeks doing 20 minutes of interval training per session 3 times per week

• Group 2 did 15 weeks of 40 minutes steady state aerobic (jogging) exercise per session 3 times per week

• Both groups burned the same calories over the 15 weeks and ate the same diet.

• The steady state group actually gained on average 1lb of fat.

• The interval training group lost 5.5lb of fat and increased lean mass.

• The interval group also increased aerobic capacity more than the steady state group.

So NOW What Should We Be Doing?

• Increase meal frequency.

• Reduced carbohydrate diet

• Interval training – this should only become part of your training programme once you have developed a foundation of steady state running.

• Resistance training – introduce a controlled well planned weight training programme.

Taken from Running4Women.


Hampstead Heath map

Woke up this morning feeling a strong urge to go out for a run. I usually plan my workouts and BodyCombat was on the schedule for today, but when a sudden urge for an unplanned workout hits me, I smile and embrace the extra fitness benefit.

With Murphy trotting beside me, I ran into Hampstead Heath, one of the most beautiful and versatile parks I’ve ever experienced. It’s also a huge pool of motivation as people run, do exercises, boot camps, PT and other training day and night. I love the buzz! I love the dedication!

After the run and a few hill intervals, I found a spot in the grass where I could go mad doing my BodyCombat. It’s an exhilirating feeling being outside in the free, with my beloved dog roaming around me, while I’m punching and kicking my way through the choreography. I felt so strong. So focused. So energised. And best of all, so happy!

Hope you’re ALL having as good of a Saturday as I’m having. Toodles! =))


Begin your day by feeling grateful. Be grateful for the bed you just slept in, the roof over your head, the carpet or floor under your feet, the running water, the soap, your shower, your toothbrush, your clothes, your shoes, the refrigerator that keeps your food cold, the car that you drive, your job, your friends. Be grateful for the stores that make it so easy to buy the things you need, the restaurants, the utilities, services, and electrical appliances that make your life effortless. Be grateful for the magazines and the books that you read. Be grateful for the chair that you sit on, and the pavement that you walk on. Be grateful for the weather, the sun, the sky, the birds, the trees, the grass, the rain, and the flowers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From the Secret Scrolls


A few days have passed and I am still tired from the trip. The whole house is sick with the cold and I am trying desperately not to catch it.

Had a good day yesterday watching the Kilkenny vs. Tipperary in Irish Hurling, and as always where there are Irish people in the pub, it’s bound to be good fun.

Might have gotten a great extra gig as a Swedish translator. Not too bad to have a job like that on the side. Doing the Freelance test right now and hope I will be accepted. Keep your fingers crossed from me!

Watching the Kilkenny vs. Tipperary game in Irish Hurling.
After match entertainment – Good singer with unknown side kick dancing and playing on the tables. Haha!
Enjoying the delicious cider Bulmers. Yum!


Wow, what a trip. Left Sweden around noon yesterday and several hours later I am thrown back into London and its hussle and bussle. The journey was a torture to say the least. Never seen so many road works, bad drivers and poor road directions. In Germany it all of a sudden came to a complete stand still and no car or truck was moving. We covered about 300 metres in 3 hours. Didn’t do much advantage to making it to our ferry from Calais to Dover and we ended up missing it with just 3 hours. Hmm, wonder why?! Gas leak. Baah, bad excuse…

But now I’m here. London! Love the vibe. Hate the arrogance. And I got here in 25 hours with less than 2 hours sleep, a fully packed Saab, a dedicated doggie and the love of my life. Let a new chapter begin. 🙂

Stand still on the motorway for 3 hours…
Trying to keep the attitude happy and cheerful, as always. 🙂
The white cliffs of Dover.
Tired and pale, but thankful the trip’s almost completed.
Entering the City Centre of London via Tower Bridge.