Is there such a thing you wonder? Well, let me tell you, there is. Now, a healthy, low-carb pizza will never be the doughy, high-fat consistency of a regular pizza, so don’t kid yourself, but there are ways to make a pizza that can suffice for a decent low-caloric meal. Load it up with all kinds of veg and if you can find fat-free cheese, go for it! 🙂

Here’s how I made mine:
I mixed 1 sachet of dry yeast with 2dl of wheat bran and some psyllium husks, about 1/2 dl, and a tiny bit of salt with lukewarm water. The consistency should be about half watery, wanting to get doughy. Stick it in the microwave in a glass bowl for about 7 minutes. In the meantime, turn the oven on 200 degrees. Stir it up, and believe me it will look very suspicious. I oiled an oven pan with olive oil and poured the “dough” onto the pan, flattening it out with a spoon. I stuck it in the oven for about 20 minutes. When it looks like it’s kind of drying out a bit and getting more crusty than doughy, take it out and stick your toppings on. I prefer some crushed tomatoes I reduced and drained the water from, some low-salt and low-sugar tomato ketchup, loads of oregano, black pepper and garlic powder on both bottom and top, green pepper, onion, halved cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and some low-fat ham. YUMMY! In the oven for an additional 20 minutes. Let it rest for a bit before you tuck in. Now, remember, the dough will be much softer and squishier than the regular piza dough you would be used to, but it’s pretty good for not racking up a bunch of calories.

Now, last night, it dawned on me how I can make the dough even better. So I will try that next time! 🙂

First batch!

First batch toppings.

First batch done and lamost eaten in the back.
Second batch in the front, dough cooked, ready to go in the oven with toppings.

Second batch finished and tested. Much better than first one! 🙂


So much I would like to write about but it almost seems like there’s some sort of block in my head. It won’t come out in proper sentences and it all sounds like jibberish in my head. Even this sounds weird to me. What has happened to my beloved words? My love for words?

I must admit I am in a phase now when I feel unmotivated and not really up for much. I have made a huge turnaround in my life. I am looking for a job and it’s not going the way I expected it to go. Dear friends keep telling me “have faith”, “stop being so hard on yourself”, “everything will be fine, it will work itself out”. Deep down inside I know that’s the truth, but when doubt anchors itself in your soul, it’s hard to rip it out again.

I have been listening to encouraging words from speakers and motivators, and yes, I hear them, but it’s like my mind is in a daze. I have lost myself. Where is my passion? Where is my strength to bounce back?

Maybe some days we just need to let it be. Need to let the depth of all despair be our nest for a few days, then rise up like Phoenix from the ashes and start anew. Bigger, brighter, bolder with a new fire in our belly.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do!