Did so well last week, but my body feels so tired. And I did a complete derail this weekend with my food and drink, which stressed my body out even more. And I got proof if it when I woke up this morning with a big, fat cold sore. AGAIN! 2nd one in a month. Thankfully I’ve got some Aciclovir tablets and cream to treat it with, but still no fun. Especially not since today, I’ve got my 3rd interview at one of the companies I’m really interested in working with and on top of it a BodyPump release later on tonight. Anxiety!



Woke up this morning still feeling super motivated. It’s like a switch has been turned on and that fire in my belly is revved up again. Dug out my Moleskine notebook and started on a fresh new page. Got weighed in this morning, both in kg and lbs as I wanted to use it to calculate my calorie expenditure and other formulas. Got my pictures taken and body fat measured on the scale. All recorded now.

Experience from a long time of dieting and ultimately losing all that weight during my journey, I have a really hard time letting go of the diet mentality. I always secretly count calories in my mind and try not to eat too many calories, however I am aware of that I am most of the time way below my calorie allowance when I am in this focused zone to lose a few pounds again, which I need to change. Coz like I wrote last night, this is a lifestyle for me and I want to be able to eat and train like this for the rest of my life. But we have to have goals in order to give ourselves a bit of a push, so my short term goal is the Fitness Festival in December, which gives me a little over 11 weeks to complete my goal of losing 10 pounds and get down to 21% body fat. So achievable!

Have calculated now that my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is 1421 kcal according to the Katch-McArdle formula, which means if I would be in a coma this is the total amount of kcals it would take for my body to keep repairing itself, my hairs to grow, bowel movements to work, tissues to keep reproducing, etc, so it’s kind of scary that when I’m on a diet I eat about 1000-1200 kcal per day. Way too little if I want to make sure my body is not using muscle instead of fat, which in return slows my metabolism down anyway. So, on the days I’m pretty sedentary I should eat 1637 kcal and on the days I workout I should eat 2114 kcal. Now, that last number scares me, but I’m gonna trust the process this time and try a different route and maybe I can save my muscles this time when trying to lose body fat.

If you want to calculate your own BMR or goal weight calorie expenditure, go to Fat2Fit Radio Tools page.


Just finished watching the documentary “I Want To Look Like That Guy” made by Stuart Macdonald about his own journey to compete in a bodybuilding competition, which overweight and only 6 months away from the date, almost seems impossible. He seeks out Jeff Willet, a Pro IFBB Bodybuilder, who becomes his mentor and trainer. The documentary is obviously for people who are into this kind of training and dieting and for me, who absolutely love and look up to people who have the determination and willpower to complete such as journey, well, it was a rare couch treat for me tonight.

The documentary is well worth watching, especially if you need some motivation to start anew or to start a healthier lifestyle at all. And let me emphasise LIFESTYLE. Unless you’re going to compete in fitness or bodybuilding this might not be a training or dieting regime for you, but it’s very interesting and very motivating to see Stuart’s journey from start to finish, his goal to stand on that stage and be absolutely ripped and shredded. A long way from his 30% body fat he started with 6 months earlier.

I would love to follow somebody’s journey from puff to buff. Maybe I will have to make that journey myself someday. Or not. Unless I would decide to compete, it’s not a lifestyle for me to lead. I rather live a regular, “normal”, healthy lifestyle I can maintain in the longrun without depriving myself of stuff, but that doesn’t mean I admire those who choose otherwise. The much, much harder and dedicated way. Kudos to all of yous! 🙂

Now, go watch the documentary and I’ll see you at the gym. ;-))


As I was thinking “Oh, I wish it was easier to blog…” and logging into my blogger, they announced a new, easier interface. Wishful thinking sometimes works! :)) And so I hope the rest of my life right now will as well. A lot of changes lately for me and I’m a tad tired. Want some structure. Want some stability. Want some grounding. Still though… Sick of counting my calories right now. Sick of weighing every single ham or cheese slice. Sick of not feeling motivated. And then it hits me, sometimes even I need those “I’ve had it up to HERE” days. So I linger in it… for about a couple of hours and then I get bored and want to dash to the gym for a good workout session. Beat my PB in 5K. Take my Kettlebell license. You get my drift.

Got this question at a superb interview: “What stresses you out?” My answer after a short thinking process: “Waiting, that stresses me out. But I’m working on it.” ;))

Have a fab day y’all!