This morning my whole body screamed NOOO when the alarm rang. And I noticed I was so tired. Not just sleepy tired, but drained physically and mentally. Something I have learnt over the years is to TRY to listen to my body. Yes, I try to push it as hard as I can, the same I do with those I train, but this morning my body said no. So I only went for a 30 min run and then I tried some yoga. Yes. Me. Doing yoga. And it was only 20-something minutes but it was actually a good session. I wasn’t feeling as restless as I usually do when I do yoga.

Have no idea how I got the video on my computer, but from the looks of the clothes, I think it must be about 20 years old. Hahaha! Oh well, maybe it’s much better than all the new, trendy yoga videos. I liked it anyway! 🙂



This woman got me to where I’m at today. OK, ok, she didn’t personally get me there because after all I did all the work, but she inspired me, educated me and kept motivating me when times were tough. I have a lot to thank Jillian Michaels for and I’m proud to say it. Now I just want to get ripped. According to my standards that is. Let’s see if I can do it.

Someday I know I will reach my goal, but as a previous fat girl I am struggling each and every day. Today I had such a craving for sugar that I almost guzzled some pure, concentrated blackcurrant juice. But I didn’t. And that’s what makes me stronger. When the alarm rings at 5am and I don’t want to get out of bed to go train and go for a run, but I still do it. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing afterward! Or when everyone at work at chomping on cakes and sweets, and I’m chomping on my 10 almonds instead. Bazanga wouldn’t I want to throw myself over that cookie jar and just have one. Maybe two. Heck why not five. Nope! Not today, coz today I want to take several steps forward toward my goal instead of backwards. And that makes me stronger.

I am proud of my accomplishments! And I acknowledge it.
Only about 3 years ago I was still obese and struggling with my weight loss. I’ve come such a long way. Puts a smile on my face. And it’s easy to forget sometimes.

So when you’re struggling those hard days of cravings and tiredness, remember it is so worth it in the end.