Oooh, woke up so sore! The kickboxing really did its toll on me, but it actually feels great! Amazing to realise, although I work out pretty much every day, when I mix up my training a bit, it switches on completely different muscles. And I have bruises on my shins. Not very pretty, but hey, rather there than my eye. Haha!

As an experiment, I tried not taking my scoop of Optimum Nutrition EAA before working out this morning and I was like a Zombie walking around the gym. Couldn’t get my groove on. I still did the workout, but I wasn’t as strong or efficient as I am normally. So defo back on the aminos tomorrow morning! And on top of that, because I was a bit brain-foggy, I was doing 12 reps each set instead of 10. Doh! Didn’t realise it until halfway into the workout.

Here’s my week 3, day 16, of the LiveFit plan – back and biceps:

Hammer strength lat pull
Wide-grip lat pulldown
Seated narrow-grip cable row
Bent-over BB row
Back extension
BB biceps curl
Incline DB curl
Alternating hammer curl


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