You can’t achieve success if you’re not moving toward something. Think about your ultimate long-term goal, and then break it down into less overwhelming mini-goals. Then find some incentives to help you stay the course. What kinds of goals am I talking about? The ambitious and attainable ones.

First: Think long and hard about what you want. Make sure your goals are actually things you want to achieve, not what society dictates or what your family or friends want for you. Ultimately your life is yours and you must live it for yourself. I know you might be thinking that’s selfish, but so what? Sometimes being a little selfish is a good thing, especially if it enables you to take care of yourself.

Second: Remember, goals are not inflexible roadblocks meant to make you feel badly about yourself. If you don’t accomplish a goal exactly on schedule, so what? You can’t predict what life is going to throw your way — but you CAN choose the way you react to situations that come up. That is where your power lies. If you fall off the wagon, just get back on — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Third: We all have to be realistic when we set our goals. I’m 5 feet 2 inches, and I have a stocky build. I am never going to be a petite little waif, no matter how hard I work. I also want to make a difference in the world, but something tells me I probably don’t stand a good chance of running for president. Instead, I set goals that are realistic and productive. I am 5 feet 2 and stocky, but I am going to be the most fit 5-feet-2 muscle chick I can. I might not be president, but I can teach people how to be healthier and happier through fitness.

Make sense? The bottom line is that goals provide direction. They help bring a focus to our lives so that we can live our dreams — no matter how big or how small they may be.

Taken from EverydayHealth.



The reason why you haven’t seen any updates here these last few days like I promised, is because I went and got hurt before I even started. Putting my coat on. DOH! How frickin bad is that. POW! and something felt like it snapped in my back and I pulled a muscle so bad I had to go to the doctor to make sure my shoulder blade was still there. I mean, I couldn’t even scratch my head when I had an itch. Yeah, so that’s what I’ve been up to. Nursing my injury back to help.

Just watched a couple of episodes of “Killing The Fat Man” with Gary Roberts and his journey through Crossfit. Loving those videos! He’s so frank, honest, and just funny! Check out episode 8 and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. But watching them made my itch to workout even worse. But I got strict orders of a week’s rest. ARGH! It’s getting better though, which is a good sign. Maybe this will teach me some patience. hahaha! NOT!

Off to bed now so I can get up and go for a long walk tomorrow morning instead. Nite y’all!



I’ve been doing really well lately with my workouts and diet and I can finally see some results. Although I do have cravings, I am pretty adament not to cave in to them. Have you noticed the only difference between crave and cave is the R. 😉

One thing I have changed in my eating though is the amount of fats I eat. I have upped it almost 100% and I can notice a big difference. Not only in my energy level but also on the way my weight is dropping. I’ve also upped my calories from around 1200 to about 15-1600. Protein level is still high but my carb count (and I eat A LOT of veggies) is around 30-35 gr per day. I train at least once a day and on my rest days (Friday and Sunday) I only take walks with the dog. So far I have dropped 3,3 kg in 2,5 weeks. Granted the first week it was mostly water weight, but damn it feels good anyway. The pounds have snuck their way in there again and I got comfortable with eating a little bit here and a little bit there. Nope. Not anymore! And no, it’s not EASY to get up at 5:15 in the morning to go for a run and then do some strength workouts at home, all before going to work. And no it’s not easy to say NO to those yummy afternoon snacks my colleagues or boss gets for all of us to munch on. And no it’s not easy weighing and calculating EVERYTHING that passes my lips. But yes, I’m loving the reward. And the photo I’ve posted with this blog entry is now attached to my fridge because it keeps me focused. A healthy life is what I want. A fitter body is what i want. Sometimes it’s a challenge, but if it wouldn’t be, then it wouldn’t change me. When you pray for strength, you get tested in order to show you’ve got the strength. Nothing comes for free. You’ve got to work for it. And the reward is so much sweeter in the end!


For all of you guys who are following my blog know that I have been a bit quiet lately. I don’t know why really. I have had things to write and share but still didn’t feel like they were worth sharing. I have been feeling a bit low as well and got a few days where I was feeling a bit feverish and then I got a cold. What’s good about being healthy in general is that although I do get sick, it’s not like I’m dying and I think I bounce back pretty quickly anyway. But as an active person, days of rest (in this case 3) feels like forever and I am getting antsy about getting back to training. My philosophy nowadays, and have been for a while, is “train hard or don’t bother”. I know it’s an all or nothing mentality but it’s just the way I function. It’s full throttle or no gas at all. Makes life exciting but it also means I burn out a bit quicker, I think.

I have this ideal picture of my training schedule (comes out to about 9 sessions per 7 day week between crossfit, kickboxing, pure strength and my own classes) and then my body says stop by signaling different ailments. Pisses me off but maybe I’m supposed to learn from it too. I heard someone say that you are truly healthy when you have these 3 aspects balanced: physical, psychological and emotional. There might be some truth in that statement as I can notice although my diet is spot on and my caloric intake is on par with my BMR, I train good, get pretty good sleep, I am STILL not losing any weight or fat. How is it possible?! But I also think I am not in a very good mental state at the moment with a lot of things going on in my life which keeps dragging me down emotionally, that in return affects my cortisol levels and fires stress into my body.

This waiting game for my life to get more stable isn’t doing much good for my health and I haven’t figured out a way to block it out. If I could, I defo would. But then I wouldn’t have a balanced trio of physical, psychological and emotional health… Hmm, something to think about…

Now, I’m gonna prep brekkie for tomorrow, then read my new BODY magazine that I just got in the mailbox today and off to bed for an early night. Friiiidaaaayyy tomorrow!!! 🙂


When I was at the Arnold this weekend, I heard so much feedback about something I wrote a long time ago. I wrote it so long ago, I didn’t even have it saved on my computer! But luckily a friend of mine sent it back to me so I could share it on this page.

I wrote this one day when I was exhausted from working my butt off, sick of dieting, and just plain exhausted. I remembered that when I’d woken up that morning, I felt strong and eager to eat healthy and work out that day, but as the day wore on, I got exhausted and lost my motivation. So here’s the letter from the strong me to the weak me — I hope it can help you!

*  *  *Dear Weak [enter your name],

I get it. You’re dying for a piece of candy. Maybe it’s not the candy (or the pastries, or whatever), maybe you’re bored, you’re hungry, you’re tired of thinking about the candy all day and you’re just saying screw it. One bite, one piece, one serving/helping, and then i’m done, I’ll go to the gym, I’ll go home for the night, I’m still on track.

You’re bored.

This is absolutely the stupidest reason imaginable to throw yourself off track, feel disappointed in yourself and your lack of self-control, give yourself a belly you’ll have to work off for four days, screw up the carb deficit that I work hard every single day to create, feel cranky, avoid plans with friends or your boyfriend, dread the weekend, add stress to your already stressful life, etc. Remember, you never get bored of accidentally discovering how slim you are, whether it’s in the fitting room, when lining up progress pictures, in the locker room at the gym, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window as you walk down the street, when someone calls you “slim” or “toned” or “fit”. THOSE THINGS never get boring. Focus on how fun and exciting that part of the process is and ignore the rest. For my sake.

You’re hungry.

Go drink four glasses of water right now. Back? OK. Are you still hungry? If so, email someone you can confide in. Or eat a protein bar, or go microwave some broccoli. You know that will fill you up and do good things for your body and your goals. You don’t want the broccoli? Then you’re not hungry.

You’re saying “Screw it.”

If you want to quit this journey, decide to quit and then you can eat pizza and drink beer every night. You an go out with your friends and eat hors d’oeuvres all night long. you won’t feel good, but at least you will be free.

So…is it the freedom that you really want? No. You’re having a momentary lapse. Well, think about me. The one who preps all her food for the week on Sunday night, the one with abs, the one who’s going to stand up on stage in front of 10,000 people and turn her back and stick out her butt. I’m the one who feels awesome in her clothes, the one who prances around the gym like she owns the place, the one who drags herself out of bed to do early morning cardio, the one who inspires her family, and friends. Think about what you’re doing to ME, Strong [enter your own name], when you let a momentary “oh screw it” overtake and overcome all of the hard work I put in every single day, every time I go to a bar and wave off the waiter when he asks what I want to drink, every time I skillfully assemble a healthy, trap-free meal at a restaurant while everyone else orders fries and a third (or fourth…) beer or regular Coke.

And you know very well there’s no such things as “Just One Bite.”

Every single time you tell yourself you can handle having one taste of something, you’re wrong. Is it because you’re literally powerless in the face of sugar, is your insulin really swinging that hard that you can not resist? You know that you have a ton of self control. EVEN YOU (I obviously do). This isn’t about saying no; by the time you’ve had the first bite of sugar, you’ve given UP on saying no. You’re saying “yes,” and you will continue to do so until it’s time to go home or there is no more freakin’ candy left in the bowl (did you REALLY want a Mounds yesterday? They’re VILE!) So don’t ever let yourself cross over into saying “yes” to junk. Say “NO” for HEAVEN SAKE!!

A message from me to you.

I love you (even though you are the weak version of me) because we are the same person. You have a ton to be proud of and you should love the process and love how far you have come. You can go even farther, and you will be around less and less as time passes, you won’t have to read this letter as often. You are strong inside, this is only temporary, and it will pass. Now go get a cup of water and get back to kicking ass.


Strong [enter your name]

P.S. I’ll be back tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Text from Rachel Mac‘s Facebook Notes.


Just had a look at my next week’s schedule and it looks a bit hectic with all the workouts and everything else, but I’m sure I will feel thoroughly alive. Haha! This is what it looks like, and that’s not including the long walks I take everyday with my dog:

  1. Monday: AM-Back & Biceps. PM-Kickboxing.
  2. Tuesday: AM-Chest & Triceps.
  3. Wednesday: AM-Legs & Calves. PM-Kickboxing. IndoorWalking (instructing).
  4. Thursday: AM-Shoulders & Abs. PM-Pad & Bag work with cardio.
  5. Friday: REST!
  6. Saturday: AM-Jump + Crunch + IndoorWalking (instructing).
  7. Sunday:PM- Martial Arts self-defence class.

Hmm, think it will be a busy week. Better get to bed soon. Have a fabulous week everyone! 🙂


Amazing how much sun can affect the mood! Mine anyway.
Rest day today, from the gym that is. Had a wonderful walk with Murphy in the cold but beautiful morning. And when the sun peeked out over the hill top, it was gorgeous and the whole world lit up. Oooh, so want the Spring to arrive now. Somebody mentioned a snowy forecast for this weekend. Nooo!! No more!! Bring on more sun sun sun!